This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Share Snippets with other Developers 

The storage mechanism for IntelliSense Code Snippets makes it easy to share snippets with other developers.

Security noteSecurity Note

Before you use a downloaded code snippet, determine the trustworthiness of the code outside of Visual Studio. Building, debugging, and running projects in Visual Studio that include the code snippet automatically executes code on your local machine in the trusted process of devenv.exe. For more information, see Security Considerations in Using Snippets.

To share your code as a snippet

  1. Create a snippet file that contains the code you want to share. For more information, see Creating Code Snippets.

  2. Share the file you created with other developers as you would share any other file, including mail attachment, network share, and floppy disk or CD.

To use a snippet from another source

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