This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Runtime.Remoting.Services Namespace

The System.Runtime.Remoting.Services namespace contains service classes that provide functionality to the .NET Framework. One of the most important classes of this namespace is the TrackingServices class.

The TrackingServices class provides a tracking service with pluggable handlers that can detect when objects are marshaled and unmarshaled. Pluggable handlers can be created by implementing the ITrackingHandler interface. For more information, see the Marshal class.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
EnterpriseServicesHelper Provides APIs needed for communication and operation with unmanaged classes outside of the AppDomain. This class cannot be inherited.
RemotingClientProxy The abstract base class for proxies to well-known objects generated by the Soapsuds tool.
RemotingService Provides the base implementation for the remoting XML Web services.
TrackingServices Provides a way to register, unregister, and obtain a list of tracking handlers.


Interface Description
ITrackingHandler Indicates that the implementing object must be notified of marshaling, unmarshaling, and disconnection of objects and proxies by the remoting infrastructure.

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