Automation and Extensibility for Visual Studio
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Automation and Extensibility for Visual Studio

Automation and extensibility refers to the ability to programmatically automate repetitive tasks and extend the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) with tools such as add-ins and wizards. The following topics explain how to use the various programming models to do this.

Extending the Visual Studio Environment

Explains the various ways to extend and automate the Visual Studio IDE.

Visual Studio Macros

Describes how to record, edit, and use macros in Visual Studio.

Introduction to Project Extensibility

Explains how to use project automation for Visual Basic and Visual C#.

Visual Basic and Visual C# Extensibility Object Model for Projects

Explains how to use the Visual Basic and Visual C# project automation model.

Visual C++ Extensibility Object Model

Includes language reference for the Visual C++ automation object models: Visual C++ Code Model, Visual C++ Wizard Model, Visual C++ Project/Build model, and the Visual C++ Resource Editor model.

Welcome to the Add-In Wizard, Visual Studio Add-In Wizard

Includes information about the various pages of the Add-In Wizard, the wizard used to create add-ins.

Automation and Extensibility Reference

Includes language reference for all automation models.

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