Error Messages (MSChart Control)

Error Messages (MSChart Control)

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The MSChart control's errors that occur during program execution are handled like other errors. You must write your own error handling routine to trap and manage errors.

The following table lists the errors that can be trapped by exception handling.

Error Name Explanation
GetNotSupported Attempted to read a write-only property.
InvalidPropertyValue Value is not appropriate for the property used.
SetNotSupported Attempted to write to a read-only property.
VtChError Function failed with a non-specific error.
VtChErrorInvalidAxis One of the arguments in a method is a reference to an axis that does not exist on the chart.
VtChErrorInvalidHandle Invalid chart handle passed.
VtChErrorInvalidSeriesNumber One of the arguments in a method is a reference to a series that does not exist on the chart.
VtChErrorNoData Data necessary for the completion of the task is unavailable.
VtChErrorRestrictedVersion The requested feature is not available in this version of the product.
VtErrorActionCanceled User canceled operation. The user clicked outside the menu instead of selecting an item.
VtErrorArchivePointerMismatch Tried to load a pointer into a reference.
VtErrorArchiveTypeMismatch Encountered unexpected class type.
VtErrorArchiveVersion Tried to load incompatible version.
VtErrorBufferTooSmall String buffer is not large enough to hold the requested string. String has been truncated to fit the buffer.
VtErrorCannotOpenFile Unable to open the requested file.
VtErrorCopyingObject Failed to copy object.
VtErrorCorruptArchive Persistent storage is corrupted.
VtErrorCorruptData An internal error indicating that the MSChart control has encountered corrupt data and is unable to continue the requested action.
VtErrorCreateWindow Could not create window.
VtErrorDefaultFontSubstituted Default substituted for requested font.
VtErrorDeletingDeletedObject An internal error indicating that the MSChart control attempted to delete an object that has already been deleted.
VtErrorDeletingUsedObject An internal error indicating that the MSChart control attempted to delete an object that is still in use.
VtErrorDisplay The MSChart control is unable to properly communicate with display drivers.
VtErrorDuplicateObject Encountered duplicate object.
VtErrorDuplicateSymbol Duplicate symbol.
VtErrorIconNotFound Could not load icon.
VtErrorIdentifierTooBig Identifier is too large.
VtErrorInvalidArgument One of the function arguments was bad.
VtErrorInvalidFont Requested font description is invalid.
VtErrorInvalidFontName Requested font name is not available.
VtErrorInvalidIndex Given index is out of bounds.
VtErrorInvalidObject Object is uninitialized or invalid.
VtErrorInvalidRequest The requested action is inappropriate or otherwise invalid.
VtErrorInvalidSyntax Encountered invalid syntax.
VtErrorInvalidTypeConversion Requested type conversion is not supported.
VtErrorLoadPicture Could not load requested picture.
VtErrorNoDisplayResources The MSChart control does not have enough display resources to properly display the chart.
VtErrorNoMemory There is not enough memory to accomplish the requested action.
VtErrorNotFound Cannot find the item for which the function is looking.
VtErrorNotImplemented Feature is not yet implemented.
VtErrorOSVersion Version of Windows is not supported.
VtErrorStreamIo An error was encountered when trying to read or write a file.
VtErrorTooSmall The returned result is longer than the return buffer size. A NULL string is placed in the buffer.
VtErrorUnableToLoadString Unable to load a string; the string may have been too long.
VtErrorUnexpectedEOS Encountered unexpected end of string.
VtErrorUnrecognizedFunction Encountered unrecognized function.
VtErrorUserIo An attempt to write a file to a user-created function failed.
VtFail A general failure error.
VtOk No error occurred.

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