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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Retrieves the coordinates of the smallest rectangle that completely encloses the update region.

BOOL GetUpdateRect( 
   LPRECT lpRect, 
   BOOL bErase = FALSE  


Points to a CRect object or RECT structure that is to receive the client coordinates of the update that encloses the update region.

Set this parameter to NULL to determine whether an update region exists within the CWnd. If lpRect is NULL, the GetUpdateRect member function returns nonzero if an update region exists and 0 if one does not. This provides a way to determine whether a WM_PAINT message resulted from an invalid area. Do not set this parameter to NULL in Windows version 3.0 and earlier.


Specifies whether the background in the update region is to be erased.

Specifies the status of the update region. The value is nonzero if the update region is not empty; otherwise 0.

If the lpRect parameter is set to NULL, the return value is nonzero if an update region exists; otherwise 0.

If CWnd was created with the CS_OWNDC style and the mapping mode is not MM_TEXT, the GetUpdateRect member function gives the rectangle in logical coordinates. Otherwise, GetUpdateRect gives the rectangle in client coordinates. If there is no update region, GetUpdateRect sets the rectangle to be empty (sets all coordinates to 0).

The bErase parameter specifies whether GetUpdateRect should erase the background of the update region. If bErase is TRUE and the update region is not empty, the background is erased. To erase the background, GetUpdateRect sends the WM_ERASEBKGND message.

The update rectangle retrieved by the BeginPaint member function is identical to that retrieved by the GetUpdateRect member function.

The BeginPaint member function automatically validates the update region, so any call to GetUpdateRect made immediately after a call to BeginPaint retrieves an empty update region.

Header: afxwin.h