This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CCmdTarget Class

The base class for the Microsoft Foundation Class Library message-map architecture.

class CCmdTarget : public CObject

A message map routes commands or messages to the member functions you write to handle them. (A command is a message from a menu item, command button, or accelerator key.)

Key framework classes derived from CCmdTarget include CView, CWinApp, CDocument, CWnd, and CFrameWnd. If you intend for a new class to handle messages, derive the class from one of these CCmdTarget-derived classes. You will rarely derive a class from CCmdTarget directly.

For an overview of command targets and OnCmdMsg routing, see Command Targets, Command Routing, and Mapping Messages.

CCmdTarget includes member functions that handle the display of an hourglass cursor. Display the hourglass cursor when you expect a command to take a noticeable time interval to execute.

Dispatch maps, similar to message maps, are used to expose OLE automation IDispatch functionality. By exposing this interface, other applications (such as Visual Basic) can call into your application.

Header: afxwin.h