DataColumnCollection.Item Property (String)


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Gets the DataColumn from the collection with the specified name.

Namespace:   System.Data
Assembly:  System.Data (in System.Data.dll)

Public ReadOnly Property Item (
	name As String
) As DataColumn


Type: System.String

The ColumnName of the column to return.

Property Value

Type: System.Data.DataColumn

The DataColumn in the collection with the specified ColumnName; otherwise a null value if the DataColumn does not exist.

Item is conditionally case-sensitive when it searches for column names. For example, if one DataColumn is named "mydatacolumn" and another is named "Mydatacolumn", a string used to search for one of the columns is regarded as case-sensitive. However, if "mydatacolumn" exists and "Mydatacolumn" does not, the search string is regarded as case-insensitive.

The following example uses the Item property to print the DataType value of a DataColumn object specified by index.

Private Sub PrintDataType(table As DataTable)
     ' Get the DataColumnCollection from a DataTable in a DataSet.
     Dim columns As DataColumnCollection = table.Columns

     ' Print the column's data type.
End Sub

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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