ClassLoader Sample (Modify Custom Class Loader for Assemblies)
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ClassLoader Sample (Modify Custom Class Loader for Assemblies) 

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This sample shows how custom class loaders in existing Java-language applications can be modified to load classes from managed assemblies. For new code, it is recommended that classes be searched and loaded from managed assemblies using common language runtime semantics and .NET Framework APIs rather than using custom class loaders. Class loaders are only intended to be used by existing Java-language applications. The resolveClass and defineClass methods in the class java.lang.ClassLoader are unsupported. In existing Java-language applications, the loadClass method will have to be rewritten to call one of the versions of Class.forName and then make appropriate entries in the application configuration (.config) file so that the managed assemblies needed by the application can be located and loaded. If the managed assemblies are located in the application's working directory, then no configuration file is required and the Class.forName search heuristics will locate the class.

Security noteSecurity Note

This sample code is provided to illustrate a concept and should not be used in applications or Web sites, as it may not illustrate the safest coding practices. Microsoft assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages should the sample code be used for purposes other than as intended.

Building and Running the Sample

To open the sample file in Solution Explorer

  1. Click Download Sample.

    The File Download message box appears.

  2. Click Open, and on the left column of the zip folder window, click Extract all files.

    The Extraction Wizard opens.

  3. Click Next. You can change the directory that the files will be extracted to, and then click Next again.

    Make sure that the Show extracted files check box is selected, and click Finish.

  4. Double-click the sample's .sln file.

    The sample solution is displayed in Solution Explorer. You might get a security warning that says the solution location is not trusted. Click OK to continue.

To build and run this sample

  • On the Build menu, click Build Solution, or press CTRL+SHIFT+B.


    From the command line, type BUILD.bat.


    See Building from the Command Line (Visual J#) for more information.

  • From the development environment, press F5 to build and run the sample.


    From the command line, type ClassLoaderSample.exe from the command line.

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