This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Solution, Project, and File User Interface Elements

These elements help you manage the applications you create.

Files, User Interface Elements

Allow you to create, browse, save, and encode project files.

Projects, User Interface Elements

Allow you to work with various kinds of project elements.

Save Changes Dialog Box

Warns you that changes to the items listed will not be saved unless you select Yes in the dialog box.

Solutions, User Interface Elements

Allow you to organize all of the projects and files needed to design, develop, and deploy an application or component.

Visual Studio Conversion Wizard

Allows you to convert your solution or project to the project file format that is used by Visual Studio 2008.

Projects and Solutions, Options Dialog Box

Allows you to set default options for developing and building your projects and solutions in the integrated development environment.

Convert Dialog Box

Allows you to convert a Java-language project to a Visual C# project, or a Visual Basic 6.0 project to a Visual Studio 2008 project.

Source Control for Visual Studio

Describes how you can use Visual Studio as a client for your source control provider.