This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Interoperation with COM+ 1.0 Security

You can extend an existing COM+ 1.0 application with new .NET Framework managed components. The COM+ 1.0 security context is still managed by COM+ 1.0, and the COM+ 1.0 administrative user interface is used to configure the application. Basically, from a COM+ 1.0 application, .NET Framework objects look like COM+ 1.0 objects.

To make .NET Framework objects visible to COM+ 1.0 security services, you must run tools (such as Tlbexp.exe) supplied by the .NET Framework SDK to generate type libraries for the public interfaces and register the objects so that COM+ 1.0 can locate them. COM+ 1.0 administrative facilities must be used to configure roles and other role-based security behavior.

There are some limitations to COM+ 1.0 security interoperability. COM+ 1.0 security properties are not propagated across process or machine boundaries or to newly created execution threads within managed code. COM+ 1.0 security services can only be used by managed code on Windows 2000 systems.

The .NET Framework provides several managed wrappers in the System.EnterpriseServices namespace that allow access to COM+ 1.0 security features.

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