Compiler Fatal Errors C999 through C1999


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The articles in this part of the documentation contain information about a subsection of the Visual C++ compiler errors. You can access the information here or, in the Output window in Visual Studio, you can select an error number and then choose the F1 key.

Fatal Error C999UNKNOWN MESSAGE Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++ Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information
Fatal Error C1001An internal error has occurred in the compiler.

(compiler file 'file', line number)

To work around this problem, try simplifying or changing the program near the locations listed above. Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++ Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information
Fatal Error C1002compiler is out of heap space in pass 2
Fatal Error C1003error count exceeds number; stopping compilation
Fatal Error C1004unexpected end-of-file found
Fatal Error C1005string too big for buffer
Fatal Error C1007unrecognized flag 'string' in 'option'
Fatal Error C1008no input file specified
Fatal Error C1009compiler limit: macros nested too deeply
Fatal Error C1010unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header. Did you forget to add '#include <file>' to your source?
Fatal Error C1012unmatched parenthesis: missing 'character"
Fatal Error C1013compiler limit: too many open parentheses
Fatal Error C1014too many include files: depth = number
Fatal Error C1016#ifdef/#ifndef expected an identifier
Fatal Error C1017invalid integer constant expression
Fatal Error C1018unexpected #elif
Fatal Error C1019unexpected #else
Fatal Error C1020unexpected #endif
Fatal Error C1021invalid preprocessor command 'string'
Fatal Error C1022expected #endif
Fatal Error C1023'file': unexpected error with pch, try rebuilding the pch
Fatal Error C1026parser stack overflow, program too complex
Fatal Error C1033cannot open program database 'file'
Fatal Error C1034file: no include path set
Fatal Error C1035expression too complex; simplify expression
Fatal Error C1036cannot overwrite earlier program database format, delete 'file' and recompile
Fatal Error C1037cannot open object file 'file'
Fatal Error C1038compiler limit: 'function': control flow state too complex; simplify function
Fatal Error C1041cannot open program database 'file'; if multiple CL.EXE write to the same .PDB file, please use /FS
Fatal Error C1045compiler limit: linkage specifications nested too deeply
Fatal Error C1046compiler limit: structure nested too deeply
Fatal Error C1047The object or library file 'file' was created with an older compiler than other objects; rebuild old objects and libraries
Fatal Error C1048unknown option 'string' in 'option'
Fatal Error C1049invalid numerical argument 'value'
Fatal Error C1051program database file, 'file', has an obsolete format, delete it and recompile
Fatal Error C1053'function': function too large
Fatal Error C1054compiler limit: initializers nested too deeply
Fatal Error C1055compiler limit: out of keys
Fatal Error C1057unexpected end of file in macro expansion
Fatal Error C1060compiler is out of heap space
Fatal Error C1061compiler limit: blocks nested too deeply
Fatal Error C1063compiler limit: compiler stack overflow
Fatal Error C1064compiler limit: token overflowed internal buffer
Fatal Error C1065compiler limit: out of tags
Fatal Error C1067compiler limit: 64K limit on size of a type record has been exceeded
Fatal Error C1068cannot open file 'file'
Fatal Error C1069cannot read compiler command line
Fatal Error C1070mismatched #if/#endif pair in file 'file'
Fatal Error C1071unexpected end of file found in comment
Fatal Error C1073Internal error involving incremental compilation(compiler file 'file', line number)
Fatal Error C1074'IDB' is illegal extension for PDB file: file
Fatal Error C1075the left token was unmatched at the end of the file
Fatal Error C1076compiler limit: internal heap limit reached; use /Zm to specify a higher limit
Fatal Error C1077compiler limit: cannot have more than number command line options
Fatal Error C1079compiler limit: PCH file size limit exceeded
Fatal Error C1080compiler limit: command line option exceeded limit of number characters
Fatal Error C1081'file': file name too long
Fatal Error C1082cannot close type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1083cannot open type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1084cannot read type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1085cannot write type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1086cannot seek type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1087cannot tell type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1088cannot flush type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1089cannot truncate type file: 'file': message
Fatal Error C1090PDB API call failed, error code 'code': 'message'
Fatal Error C1091compiler limit: string exceeds number bytes in length
Fatal Error C1092Edit and Continue does not support changes to data types; build required
Fatal Error C1093API call 'function' failed 'HRESULT' : 'description'
Fatal Error C1094'-Zmnumber': command line option is inconsistent with value used to build precompiled header ('-Zmnumber')
Fatal Error C1098Version mismatch with Edit and Continue engine
Fatal Error C1099Edit and Continue engine terminating compile
Fatal Error C1100unable to initialize OLE: error
Fatal Error C1101cannot create handler for attribute 'identifier'
Fatal Error C1102unable to initialize: error
Fatal Error C1103fatal error importing progid: 'message'
Fatal Error C1104fatal error importing libid: 'message'
Fatal Error C1105message: error
Fatal Error C1107could not find assembly 'assembly': please specify the assembly search path using /AI or by setting the LIBPATH environment variable
Fatal Error C1108unable to find DLL: 'file'
Fatal Error C1109unable to find 'symbol' in DLL 'file'
Fatal Error C1110too many nested template/generic definitions
Fatal Error C1111too many template/generic parameters
Fatal Error C1112compiler limit: 'number' too many macro arguments, only number allowed
Fatal Error C1113#using failed on 'file'
Fatal Error C1114'file': WinRT does not support #using of a managed assembly
Fatal Error C1120call to GetProcAddress failed for 'function'
Fatal Error C1121call to CryptoAPI failed
Fatal Error C1126automatic allocation exceeds size
Fatal Error C1128number of sections exceeded object file format limit: compile with /bigobj
Fatal Error C1189#error: message
Fatal Error C1190managed targeted code requires a '/clr' option
Fatal Error C1191'file' can only be imported at global scope
Fatal Error C1192#using failed on 'file'
Fatal Error C1193an error expected in file(line) not reached
Fatal Error C1195use of /Yu and /Yc on the same command line is incompatible with the /clr option
Fatal Error C1196'identifier' : identifier found in type library 'typelib' is not a valid C++ identifier
Fatal Error C1197cannot reference 'file' as the program has already referenced 'file'
Fatal Error C1201unable to continue after syntax error in class template definition
Fatal Error C1202recursive type or function dependency context too complex
Fatal Error C1205Generics are not supported by the version of the runtime installed
Fatal Error C1206Per-appdomain data is not supported by the version of the runtime installed
Fatal Error C1207Managed templates not supported by the version of the runtime installed
Fatal Error C1208Allocating reference classes on the stack is not supported by the version of the runtime installed
Fatal Error C1209Friend assemblies not supported by the version of the runtime installed
Fatal Error C1210/clr:pure and /clr:safe are not supported by the version of the runtime installed
Fatal Error C1211The TypeForwardedTo Custom Attribute is not supported by the version of the runtime installed
Fatal Error C1300error accessing program database file (message)
Fatal Error C1301error accessing program database file, invalid format, please delete and rebuild
Fatal Error C1302no profile data for module 'module' in profile database 'file'
Fatal Error C1305profile database 'file' is for a different architecture
Fatal Error C1306last change to profile data base 'file' was not optimization analysis; optimization decisions may be out of date
Fatal Error C1307program has been edited since profile data was collected
Fatal Error C1308file: linking assemblies is not supported
Fatal Error C1309Mismatched versions of C2.DLL and pgodbver.DLL
Fatal Error C1310profile guided optimizations are not available with OpenMP
Fatal Error C1311COFF format cannot statically initialize 'symbol' with number byte(s) of an address
Fatal Error C1312Too many conditional branches in function. Simplify or refactor source code.
Fatal Error C1313compiler limit: type blocks may not be nested deeper than number levels
Fatal Error C1350error loading dll 'file': dll not found
Fatal Error C1351error loading dll 'file': incompatible version
Fatal Error C1352Invalid or corrupt MSIL in function 'function' from module 'module'
Fatal Error C1353metadata operation failed: runtime not installed or version mismatch
Fatal Error C1382the PCH file 'file' has been rebuilt since 'obj' was generated. Please rebuild this object
Fatal Error C1383compiler option /GL is incompatible with the installed version of common language runtime
Fatal Error C1384Incorrect setting for PGO_PATH_TRANSLATION when linking 'file'
Fatal Error C1451Failed to generate debug information when compiling the call graph for the concurrency::parallel_for_each at: 'callsite'
Fatal Error C1505unrecoverable parser look-ahead error
Fatal Error C1506unrecoverable block scoping error
Fatal Error C1508compiler limit: 'function': more than 65535 argument bytes
Fatal Error C1509compiler limit: too many exception handler states in function 'function'; simplify function
Fatal Error C1510Cannot open language resource clui.dll
Fatal Error C1600unsupported data type
Fatal Error C1601unsupported inline assembly opcode
Fatal Error C1602unsupported intrinsic
Fatal Error C1603inline assembly branch target out of range by number bytes
Fatal Error C1852'file' is not a valid precompiled header file
Fatal Error C1853'file' precompiled header file is from a previous version of the compiler, or the precompiled header is C++ and you are using it from C (or vice versa)
Fatal Error C1854cannot overwrite information formed during creation of the precompiled header in object file: 'file'
Fatal Error C1900Il mismatch between 'tool' version 'number' and 'tool' version 'number'
Fatal Error C1901Internal memory management error
Fatal Error C1902Program database manager mismatch; please check your installation
Fatal Error C1903unable to recover from previous error(s); stopping compilation
Fatal Error C1904bad provider interaction: 'file'
Fatal Error C1905Front end and back end not compatible (must target same processor).