This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Upgrading Existing Code

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual Studio .NET offers a variety of scenarios for upgrading existing applications. Use the following list of topics to find the information that most closely fits your needs.

In the Visual Studio Documentation

Upgrading from Visual Basic 6.0
Provides links to the background, task-related documentation and tools you need to successfully upgrade your Visual Basic 6.0 projects to Visual Basic .NET.
Porting and Upgrading (Visual C++)
Explains how to upgrade a project built in a previous version of Visual C++ to Visual C++ .NET, how to port your applications to Visual C++ from a different language, and how to port your Visual C++ application to a different developer tool or operating system.
Moving to Web Forms
Describes how to upgrade ASP pages, Visual Basic 6.x forms with WebClasses, Visual Interdev 6.x pages with design-time controls, and forms created in Visual C++ into Web Forms.
Upgrading Visual InterDev 6.0 Applications to Visual Studio .NET
Explains how to upgrade a Web application built in Visual InterDev.
Introduction to Solutions, Projects, and Items
Describes the core concepts underlying application development in the integrated development environment (IDE). This topic provides background information about managing upgraded projects and performing project-related tasks.
Getting Assistance
Provides information about installation, editions, product support, and customization of the integrated development environment (IDE).

Additional Information

MSDN Online Web Site (
Provides the latest information about developer tools, including Visual J++, which is separate from Visual Studio .NET.