Using Visual C++ Add New Item Templates


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You can easily add items that are common to Visual C++ projects by using the Add New Item command. When you use the Add New Item command, the Add New Item dialog box appears with a list of item templates, which add the appropriate files to your project.

The following table is an alphabetical list of Visual C++ Add New Item templates.

Assembly Resource File (.resx)Creates a file containing CLR resources.
Bitmap File (.bmp)Creates a Win32 bitmap file.
C++ File (.cpp)Creates a C++ source file.
Class Diagram (.cd)Creates an empty class diagram.
Code Analysis Rule Set (.ruleset)Creates a settings file for configuring Code Analysis.
Configuration File (app.config)Creates an empty configuration file.
Component ClassAdds a Component Class using CLR features.
Cursor File (.cur)Creates a Win32 cursor file.
Discovery File, Static (.disco)Creates a static discovery file, which is an XML document that contains links to other resources that describe the XML Web service, enables programmatic discovery of an XML Web service.
Frameset (.htm)Adds an HTML file that hosts multiple HTML pages.
Header File (.h)Creates a C++ header file.
HTML Page (.htm)Creates a blank HTML file.
Icon File (.ico)Creates a Win32 icon file.
Installer ClassAdds a class that inherits from the Installer Class using CLR features.
MIDL File (.idl)Creates an Interface Definition Language file.
Module-Definition File (.def)Creates a DLL export definition file.
Property Sheet (.props)Creates a Visual C++ property sheet file.
Registration Script (.rgs)Creates an ATL registration script file.
Report (.rdlc)Creates a report file.
Resource File (.rc)Creates a Win32 resource file.
Resource Template File (.rct)Creates a resource template file.
Ribbon (.mfcribbon-ms)Creates a ribbon file.
Server Response File (.srf)Creates a server response file that is used with ATL Server.
SQL Script File (.sql)Creates an SQL script file. Note: This template is not a Professional Edition feature.
Style Sheet (.css)Adds a cascading style sheet used for rich HTML style definitions.
Text File (.txt)Adds a blank text file.
User ControlAdds a User Control using CLR features.
Windows FormAdds a Windows Form using CLR features.
XML File (.xml)Adds a blank XML file.
XML Schema File (.xsd)Creates a file that is used to define a schema for XML documents.
XSLT File (.xslt)Creates a file used to transform XML documents.

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