ListView.FindItemWithText Method (String, Boolean, Int32, Boolean)


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Finds the first ListViewItem or ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem, if indicated, that begins with the specified text value. The search starts at the specified index.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Forms
Assembly:  System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll)

public ListViewItem FindItemWithText(
	string text,
	bool includeSubItemsInSearch,
	int startIndex,
	bool isPrefixSearch


Type: System.String

The text to search for.

Type: System.Boolean

true to include subitems in the search; otherwise, false.

Type: System.Int32

The index of the item at which to start the search.

Type: System.Boolean

true to allow partial matches; otherwise, false.

Return Value

Type: System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItem

The first ListViewItem that begins with the specified text value.

Exception Condition

startIndex is less than 0 or more than the number of items in the ListView.

The FindItemWithText method returns null if the list is empty or there is no matching item.

The search is case-insensitive.

The text parameter can specify a substring of the desired matching text. This method will return the first item that starts with the specified text, unless false is passed in for isPrefixSearch. For example, if a ListView contains two list items—the first item's text set to "angle bracket" and the second item's text set to "bracket"—a call to FindItemWithText passing "brack" as the search text will return the item whose text is "bracket". If isPrefixSearch is set to false, this call will return null.

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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