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ctype_base Class

The class serves as a base class for facets of template class ctype. A base class for the ctype class that is used to define enumeration types used to classify or test characters either individually or within entire ranges.

struct ctype_base : public locale::facet
        alnum, alpha, cntrl, digit, graph,
        lower, print, punct, space, upper,
    typedef short mask;
        size_t _Refs = 0

It defines an enumeration mask. Each enumeration constant characterizes a different way to classify characters, as defined by the functions with similar names declared in the header <ctype.h>. The constants are:

You can characterize a combination of classifications by ORing these constants. In particular, it is always true that alnum == (alpha digit) and graph == (alnum punct).

Header: <locale>

Namespace: std

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