This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: View Type Details 

You can view the details for types shown on a class diagram using the Class Details window. The Class Details window tree and grid control makes it possible for you to view details for all types as well as edit them for read/write types.


Make sure the Class Details window is open. For more information, see How to: Open the Class Details Window.


The Class Details window, class diagram, and Properties window all display information about the element that has focus. You can use all three windows simultaneously to view information about the element. For more information, see Properties Window.

To view details for a type

  1. From the project in Solution Explorer, open the class diagram for the type.

  2. On the class diagram, select the type.

    If the Class Details window is open, it displays the details for the members of that type. You can see each member’s name, type, modifier, and any comments that have been entered for it. If the shape is read-only, you cannot edit any of these fields. On any shape, you can hide or show the member by selecting or clearing the check box in the Hide column.

To display details of a different type, click that type. When focus switches to another type, its details are shown in the Class Details window.

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