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Search Criteria Builder Dialog Box

Complete this dialog box to add a new query (typically a parameterized query) to an existing data-bound form in your Windows application. This includes adding a new query to the selected table, and adding controls for users to input any parameter values on the form (a button to execute the query is also added to the form).

A parameterized query returns data that meets the conditions of a WHERE clause in the query. For example, you can parameterize a customer list to display only customers in a certain city by adding WHERE City = @City to the end of the SQL statement that returns a list of customers. The WHERE clause defines a condition to be met when executing a query. SELECT * FROM Customers returns all records in the Customers table, whereas SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE City = @City only returns records in which the City column equals the value of the @City parameter. Add a WHERE clause that makes sense to the end of your query.

Some typical WHERE clauses:

SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE CompanyName like @CompanyName
SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE (LastName = @Lname) and (FirstName = @Fname)

The syntax for parameter placeholders varies depending on the data source. This example shows placeholders for a SQL Server data source (@paramname). Use question mark (?) placeholders for System.Data.OleDb and System.Data.Odbc parameters (WHERE CompanyName like ?).

This dialog box appears when Add Query is chosen on a smart tag or from the Data menu.

Using this dialog box, you can:

Select data source table

Select the table to add the query to from the drop-down list of available tables in your project.

Select a parameterized query to load data

Select a new or existing parameterized query.

New query name

Type a name for the new parameterized query.

Existing query name

Select a query from the drop-down list of available queries for the selected data source table.

Query Text

Enter the SQL statement that will execute when the button is clicked.

Note Note

The wizard provides the Query Builder, a visual tool for creating SQL queries.

Query Builder

Opens the Query Builder, a visual tool for creating SQL queries.