This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CMonikerFile Class

Represents a stream of data (IStream) named by an IMoniker.

class CMonikerFile : public COleStreamFile

A moniker contains information much like a pathname to a file. If you have a pointer to a moniker object's IMoniker interface, you can get access to the identified file without having any other specific information about where the file is actually located.

Derived from COleStreamFile, CMonikerFile takes a moniker or a string representation it can make into a moniker and binds to the stream for which the moniker is a name. You can then read and write to that stream. The real purpose of CMonikerFile is to provide simple access to IStreams named by IMonikers so that you do not have to bind to a stream yourself, yet have CFile functionality to the stream.

CMonikerFile cannot be used to bind to anything other than a stream. If you want to bind to storage or an object, you must use the IMoniker interface directly.

For more information on streams and monikers, see COleStreamFile in the MFC Reference and IStream and IMoniker in the Windows SDK.

Header: afxole.h