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Compiler COM Support Samples 

The samples in this section demonstrate the Visual C++ compiler's built-in support for COM. For more information on the COM support classes and compiler features included with Visual C++, see Compiler COM Support.

In This Section

ACDUAL Sample: Adds Dual Interfaces to an Automation Application (C++ Samples)

Adds dual interfaces to an Automation application.

ADOSAMP Sample: Implements a Three-Tier Client/Server Application

Implements a three-tier client/server application.

ALLINONE Sample: Implements a Server Using ATL, Exposing STL Collections, Controlled by Compiler COM Support in an MFC Application

Implements a server using ATL, exposing STL collections, and controlled by compiler COM support in an MFC application.

COMMAP Sample: Demonstrates COM Interface Map Entry Macros with Compiler COM Support

Demonstrates COM interface map entry macros with compiler COM support.

CONNECT Sample: Demonstrates Implementation and Use of Connection Points (C++ Samples)

Illustrates the use and implementation of connection points (the IConnectionPointContainer and IConnectionPoint interfaces) in a multithreaded environment.

DCOM Sample: Calls COM Object in Windows NT Service from Multiple Clients

Demonstrates how to call a COM object implemented in a Windows service from multiple clients running on different computers.

INPROC Sample: Demonstrates an In-Process Automation Server Application (C++ Samples)

Demonstrates an in-process Automation server application with compiler COM support.

LABRADOR Sample: Implements a Server with an Out-of-Proc Custom Interface and Compiler COM Support

Implements an EXE server that does not have any user interface.

MFCCALC Sample: Demonstrates an Automation Server Application (C++ Samples)

Demonstrates an Automation server application with compiler COM support.

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