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Macro Shortcut Keys, Visual C++ 6.0 Default Shortcut Option

Use the following shortcut key combinations when you work with macros.

Note   To see a list of shortcut keys that have changed or are no longer supported in Visual C++ .NET, see Obsolete Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands and Changes to Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands.
Command name Shortcut keys Description
Tools.MacrosIDE ALT + F11 Launches the Macros IDE, Visual Studio Macros.
Tools.RecordTemporaryMacro CTRL + SHIFT + R Places the environment in macro record mode.
Tools.RunTemporaryMacro CTRL + SHIFT + P Plays back a recorded macro.
View.MacroExplorer ALT + ` Displays the Macro Explorer window, which lists all available macros in the current solution.

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