How to: Add and Configure a TextView Control

The TextView control displays large blocks of text. Text in a TextView control can be formatted to appear with normal, bold, and italic formatting, and can include line breaks, paragraph markers, and hyperlinks.

To add a TextView control to an ASP.NET mobile Web page

  1. Drag a TextView control from theMobile Web Forms tab of the Toolbox onto a Form or Panel control, or inside a control's template on a mobile Web page. You can also drag it onto a mobile user control page.

  2. Set the Text property to the text that will appear in the control.


    To easily paste large blocks of text into the TextView control, switch to Source view.

  3. Optionally configure the TextView control by doing the following:

    1. Alter the text appearance with the ForeColor, Font, and StyleReference properties.

    2. Insert a line break after the TextView control by setting the BreakAfter property to true.

    3. Customize the appearance of the TextView control for specific devices with the AppliedDeviceFilters and PropertyOverrides properties.

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