This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Files Report Dialog Box (Explorer and Plug-in)

Visual Studio 2005

Creates a files report for a project. The report can be for all files, or for selected files, in the file list. It can also be for all files in the current project, or subprojects in the project and the files they contain. The files report includes only files and subprojects currently in a project, not deleted files or subprojects.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Files Report.

Dialog Box UI Elements

All displayed files

Includes information about all the files currently displayed in the file list in Visual SourceSafe Explorer.

Filenames only

Creates a report that includes only file names. When this check box is not selected, the files report contains the standard columns of information that you see in the file list in Visual SourceSafe Explorer.

Include files

Project only. Includes information about the files in a project.


Displays a preview of the specified report so that you can determine if it is what you want before committing it to the printer queue or a file.


Project only. Includes information on the subprojects in the current project, and all the files and subprojects that they contain at all levels.

Report to

Sends the files report to a printer, a file, or the Clipboard.

Selected files

Includes information about only the files that are selected in the file list.

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