IScanningTunerEx Interface

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

IScanningTunerEx Interface

This topic applies to Windows Vista.

The IScanningTunerEx interface is an extended version of IScanningTuner and is exposed by the BDA Network Provider filter. It inherits from IScanningTuner and permits direct control of a tuner that supports searching for valid programming. The client must provide a valid tuning space (using ITuner::put_TuningSpace or ITuner::put_TuneRequest) before calling any of the methods in this interface. This interface is meant to be used in conjunction with the IBroadcastEvent outbound interface.

In addition to the methods inherited from IScanningTuner, the IScanningTunerEx interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
GetCurrentLocator Retrieves the current locator object.
GetCurrentTunerStandardCapability Retrieves the tuner's capabilities for a specified broadcast standard.
GetTunerScanningCapability Retrieves the set of broadcast standards supported by the tuner and the tuner's scanning capability.
GetTunerStatus Returns the current status of the most recent call to PerformExhaustiveScan.
PerformExhaustiveScan Scans a range of frequencies until the tuner locks onto a signal.
ResumeCurrentScan Resumes scanning the range of frequencies specified in PerformExhaustiveScan.
SetScanSignalTypeFilter Specifies the type of signal for which to scan.
TerminateCurrentScan Interrupts the current scan, if a scan is in progress.


Header: Include Tuner.h.

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