IDVB_NIT Interface

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

IDVB_NIT Interface

This topic applies to Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and later.

The IDVB_NIT interface enables the client to get information from a network information table (NIT). The IDvbSiParser::GetNIT method returns a pointer to this interface.

A NIT contains information about the network and the physical organization of the transport streams. Because a network typically carries more than one transport stream, the NIT can provide information for tuning and for locating particular transport streams. A NIT carried on one network may contain information about another network.

The original_network_id and transport_stream_id fields together uniquely define a transport stream within the network.

The NIT may contain one or more table-wide descriptors. In addition, each record in the NIT may have one or more descriptors. To get the table-wide descriptors, use the GetTableDescriptorByIndex or GetTableDescriptorByTag method. To get the record descriptors, use the GetRecordDescriptorByIndex or GetRecordDescriptorByTag method.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IDVB_NIT interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
ConvertNextToCurrent Converts a next table to a current table.
GetCountOfRecords Returns the number of records in the NIT.
GetCountOfTableDescriptors Returns the number of table-wide descriptors in the NIT.
GetNetworkId Returns the network identifier for the NIT.
GetNextTable Retrieves the next table that follows the current table.
GetRecordCountOfDescriptors Returns the number of descriptors for a record in the NIT.
GetRecordDescriptorByIndex Retrieves a descriptor for a specified record in the NIT.
GetRecordDescriptorByTag Searches a record in the NIT for a descriptor with a specified descriptor tag.
GetRecordOriginalNetworkId Returns the original network identifier for a record in the NIT.
GetRecordTransportStreamId Returns the transport stream identifier (TSID) for a record in the NIT.
GetTableDescriptorByIndex Retrieves a table-wide descriptor for the NIT.
GetTableDescriptorByTag Searches the NIT for a table-wide descriptor with the specified descriptor tag.
GetVersionHash Returns a hash value for this table instance.
GetVersionNumber Returns the version number for the NIT.
Initialize Initializes the object.
RegisterForNextTable Registers the client to be notified when a next table arrives that will replace the current table.
RegisterForWhenCurrent Registers the client to be notified when the table becomes current.


Header: Include dvbsiparser.h.

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