IDVB_EIT Interface

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

IDVB_EIT Interface

This topic applies to Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and later.

The IDVB_EIT interface enables the client to get information from a DVB event information table (EIT). The IDvbSiParser::GetEIT method returns a pointer to this interface.

An EIT provides information about events in each service, such as the event name, the start time, and the duration. An EIT can hold information about the transport stream that carries it, or it can hold information about other transport streams. There are two types of EITs:

  • Present/following EITs contain information about the current event and the next chronological event. This type of EIT can be used to create a simple user interface at the receiver.
  • Schedule EITs contain a list of events that occur after the next event. This type of event can be used to create an electronic program guide (EPG).

EIT sections are given the following table identifiers (TIDs).

TID Description
0x4E Present/following EIT for this transport stream.
0x4F Present/following EIT for another transport stream.
0x50 – 0x5F Schedule EIT for this transport stream.
0x60 – 0x6F Schedule EIT for another transport stream.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IDVB_EIT interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
ConvertNextToCurrent Converts a next table to a current table.
GetCountOfRecords Returns the number of records in the EIT.
GetLastTableId Returns the last table identifier used.
GetNextTable Retrieves the next table that follows the current table.
GetOriginalNetworkId Returns the original network identifier.
GetRecordCountOfDescriptors Returns the number of descriptors for a record in the EIT.
GetRecordDescriptorByIndex Retrieves a descriptor for a specified record in the EIT.
GetRecordDescriptorByTag Searches a record in the EIT for a descriptor with a specified descriptor tag.
GetRecordDuration Returns the event duration for a record in the EIT.
GetRecordEventId Returns the event identifier for a record in the EIT.
GetRecordFreeCAMode Queries whether any of the component streams for an event are scrambled.
GetRecordRunningStatus Returns the running status of a particular event in the EIT.
GetRecordStartTime Returns the event start time for a record in the EIT.
GetSegmentLastSectionNumber Returns the section number of the last section in the subtable that contains this section.
GetServiceId Returns the service identifier.
GetTransportStreamId Returns the transport stream identifier (TSID) for the EIT.
GetVersionHash Returns a hash value for this table instance.
GetVersionNumber Returns the version number for the EIT.
Initialize Initializes the object.
RegisterForNextTable Registers the client to be notified when a next table arrives that will replace the current table.
RegisterForWhenCurrent Registers the client to be notified when the table becomes current.


Header: Include dvbsiparser.h.

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