BDA Enumeration Types

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

BDA Enumeration Types

The following table lists the enumeration types defined for the Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) in DirectShow.

Enumeration Description
ApplicationTypeType Specifies the smart card application type.
BDA_DrmPairingError Specifies the status of a DRM handshake between a tuner and the user's computer.
MPEG_CONTEXT_TYPE Identifies the source of an MPEG-2 data stream.
MPEG_CURRENT_NEXT_BIT Specifies the value of the current_next_indicator bit.
MPEG_REQUEST_TYPE Specifies a request for MPEG-2 data.
ScanModulationTypes Specifies the modulation type.
SmartCardAssociationType Specifies a smart card association.
SmartCardStatusType Specifies the status of a smart card.
TunerLockType Specifies how well a television tuner has locked onto a signal.
UICloseReasonType Specifies the reason that a user-interface dialog for a smart card was closed.

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