IOCTL_NFP_DISABLE control code

A client sends the IOCTL_NFP_DISABLE request to temporarily disable subscriptions, publications, and presence events. This is useful when a client wants to disable the proximity functionality but keep the resources allocated to quickly re-enable them when needed again.

Input Parameters


Output Parameters


Required Actions

  • When this IOCTL is received the driver MUST mark the file handle as “Disabled”.

  • If a subscription handle is changed to “Disabled, the provider MUST remove all messages from that file handle’s “Received” queue.

  • If a subscription handle is “Disabled”:

    • The driver MUST keep that handle’s “Received” queue at zero length by purging (dropping) existing messages in the queue and by dropping new messages from the queue as soon as they are received.

    • The driver MUST complete all pended IOCTL_NFP_GET_NEXT_SUBSCRIBED_MESSAGE requests on that handle with STATUS_CANCELLED.

  • If a publication handle is “Disabled”, the provider MUST NOT transmit the publication’s message and it MUST complete all pended IOCTL_NFP_GET_NEXT_TRANSMITTED_MESSAGE requests on that handle with STATUS_CANCELLED



Windows 8



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