MSFC_NPIVCapabilities WMI Class

The MSFC_NPIVCapabilities class indicates that DH-CHAP authentication capability is available for virtual or physical ports.

The MSFC_NPIVCapabilities class is defined as follows in Npivwmi.mof:

class MSFC_NPIVCapabilities
    [key, read] 
    string InstanceName;

    boolean Active;

    [WmiDataId(1), Description("DH-CHAP available for physical port"):Amended]
    boolean DhChapAvailableOnPhysicalPort;

    [WmiDataId(2), Description("DH-CHAP available for virtual ports"):Amended]
    boolean DhChapAvailableOnVirtualPorts;

    [WmiDataId(3), Description("Number of virtual ports that can be created on this physical FC port"):Amended]
    uint16 MaxVirtualPortCount;

When compiled by the WMI tool suite, this class definition produces the following data structure:


There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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