INF Requirements for NDKPI

INF Requirements for NDKPI

The INF file for a miniport driver that supports Network Direct kernel (NDK) must meet the following requirements.

  • The miniport driver's INF file must specify an NDIS upper range value of "ndis5" in order for Windows components to discover and use the NDK-capable miniport adapters that are serviced by the driver. This value is specified as follows:

    HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, UpperRange, 0, "ndis5"
  • The INF file must specify the *NetworkDirect keyword value as follows. Once the driver is installed, administrators can update the *NetworkDirect keyword value in the Advanced property page for the adapter. For more information about advanced properties, see Specifying Configuration Parameters for the Advanced Properties Page.

    Note   The miniport driver is automatically restarted after a change is made in the Advanced property page for the adapter.
    HKR, Ndi\Params\*NetworkDirect,  ParamDesc,  0, "NetworkDirect Functionality"
    HKR, Ndi\Params\*NetworkDirect,  Type,       0, "enum"
    HKR, Ndi\Params\*NetworkDirect,  Default,    0, "1"
    HKR, Ndi\Params\*NetworkDirect\enum,   "0",  0, "Disabled"
    HKR, Ndi\Params\*NetworkDirect\enum,   "1",  0, "Enabled"

    For more information about using standardized INF keywords, see Standardized INF Keywords for Network Devices.

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