Direct3D Version 11.1 State Functions

The reference pages in this section describe user-mode display driver state functions that are added for the Microsoft Direct3D Version 11.1 runtime. Direct3D 11.1 was introduced with Windows 8. Otherwise, for the remainder of the available functions implemented by user-mode display drivers, see Direct3D Version 10 State Functions and Direct3D Version 11 State Functions.

The user-mode display driver DLL exports the OpenAdapter10_2 function and supplies pointers to adapter-specific functions through members of the D3D10_2DDI_ADAPTERFUNCS structure when the runtime calls OpenAdapter10_2.

The driver supplies pointers to Direct3D version 11.1 state functions through members of the D3D11_1DDI_DEVICEFUNCS structure in a call to the user-mode display driver's adapter-specific CreateDevice(D3D10) function.



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