V4 Driver INF

The v4 print driver setup model continues to use INF files, but also employs a new manifest file to capture the printer specific setup directives.

Sample INF

Notice that the sample v4 print driver INF file presented in this topic does not contain any printer-specific directives. The printer-specific instructions are contained in the v4 manifest file, which is always named ending with "–manifest.ini". Each driver within a driver package may specify its own v4 manifest file.

The following sample INF file assumes that a fictional company, Fabrikam, has manufactured print devices that will be installed to run with the v4 print driver.

Signature="$Windows NT$"
ClassVer=4.0 ;This causes v4 setup to take place


[Fabrikam.NTamd64] ;Add your models here
"Fabrikam Laser 9000" =        Laser9000,Fabrik9000_sdfjkals                     ;HWID example
"Fabrikam Laser 9100" =        Laser9000,Fabrik9100_sjkasj                       ;HWID example
"Fabrikam Laser 9000 series" = Laser9000,{E0691E8C-F7CC-456E-A7B5-D1FC19BA2279}  ;PrinterDriverID



1 = %Location%,,,
2 = %Location%,,,amd64

1 = %Location%,,,
2 = %Location%,,,x86


faPDL-manifest.ini = 1
faPDL.dll =2

Location="Fabrikam DVD"

Print Class Driver GenericDriverInstalled Properties

Print class drivers need to specify that they are generic drivers in order to enable automatic upgrade to a newer print driver on the Windows Update site.

Note  This property is allowed for print class drivers only.

For print class drivers, this property should be specified in the install section for the driver. This is a two-part declaration.

1. Add the "AddProperty=GENERIC.AddProp" line to all install sections that are class drivers.

2. Add the [GENERIC.AddProp] section. For example, add the "GenericDriverInstalled,,,,1" line under this section.

INF Directives

The following table shows the list of printer-specific directives that are permitted in v4 print drivers and print class drivers.

Directive DescriptionRestrictionsUsage
ClassVerUsed to indicate that a printer class driver is v4. V4 print drivers must specify ClassVer=4.0. V3 print drivers may specify ClassVer=3.0, but it is optional. No other values are supported at this time. ClassVer=4.0


The DestinationDirs Keyword

The v4 driver INF requires that DestinationDir is specified for all files in the package. The supported DestinationDir values are listed in the following table.

DestinationDir IDDescription

[This Destination ID has been overloaded for the v4 driver]

V4: This must be set as the DefaultDestDir for a v4 print driver. Specifies that the files should be run from the Driver Store.

V3: This specifies that files should be installed to the \3 directory.


V4: This must be set as the DestinationDir for any color profiles.

V3: Color profiles should be installed using the printer-specific DirID 66003.


INF Restrictions

V4 print drivers must not define other printer-specific directives or keywords called out in the following list.

INF file keywordUsage type
ClassInstall32Section type
ClassInstall32.ServiceSection type
ConfigFilev3 print Directive
CoreDriverDependencies v3 Print Directive
CoreDriverSections v3 Print Directive
DataFile v3 Print Directive
DDInstall.CoInstallers Section type
DDInstall.FactDef Section type
DDInstall.HW Section type
DDInstall.Interfaces Section type
DDInstall.LogConfigOverride Section type
DDInstall.Services Section type
DDInstall.WMI Section type
DefaultInstall Section type
DefaultInstall.Services Section type
DelFiles Directive
DriverFilev3 print Directive
DriverIsolation v3 print Directive
FeatureScore Directive
HelpFilev3 Print Directive
InterfaceInstall32 Section type
LayoutFile Directive
PackageAware v3 Print Directive
UpdateIniFields Directive
UpdateInis Directive


NTPrint References. NTPrint references are made in the manifest file. The INF file does not require any information about the NTPrint references in its DDInstall, CopyFiles, or SourceDisksFiles sections.

Configuration Module References. All print drivers use the same configuration module binary (PrintConfig.dll); there is no mechanism for a driver to select the configuration module.

For information about how to create an INF file for a basic v4 printer driver, see Building a basic v4 Printer Driver.



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