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DxgkDdiSetBacklightOptimization routine

Called by the Microsoft DirectX graphics kernel subsystem to set the level of optimization that the display miniport driver uses to control the brightness of an integrated display panel.



NTSTATUS* DxgkDdiSetBacklightOptimization(
  _In_ PVOID                             Context,
{ ... }


Context [in]

A handle to a context block that is associated with a display adapter. The display miniport driver's DxgkDdiAddDevice function previously provided this handle to the DirectX graphics kernel subsystem.

OptimizationLevel [in]

A value of type DXGK_BACKLIGHT_OPTIMIZATION_LEVEL that indicates the optimization level of brightness control.

Return value

Returns STATUS_SUCCESS if it succeeds. Otherwise, it returns one of the error codes that are defined in Ntstatus.h.


The display miniport driver can dynamically change the backlight optimization level of the integrated display panel based upon the current content on the screen.

The driver must respond to requests from the operating system to change the backlight optimization level in the OptimizationLevel parameter. Such requests are based upon system state changes.

After the driver has enabled adaptive brightness on the display panel in response to a call to the DxgkDdiSetBrightnessState function, it must not disable adaptive brightness.

When the driver transitions from one backlight optimization level to another, it should make a gradual transition in brightness settings of the integrated display panel. An important example of this type of transition is when a user adjusts video playback controls and the operating system responds by resetting the value of OptimizationLevel from DxgkBacklightOptimizationDynamic to DxgkBacklightOptimizationDesktop.

Connecting additional display devices to the system must not compromise the ability of the driver to perform adaptive brightness control on the integrated display panel.

This function should be made pageable.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Target platform



Dispmprt.h (include Dispmprt.h)



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