File System Testing

This section describes how to test File System software and certify it for use on Windows® as part of the Windows Certification Program. To begin the testing part of the certification process, you must install and run the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK), and then set up your test environment. For information about how to install and configure the Windows HCK, see Step 1: Install Controller and Studio on the test server.

This section includes:


File System Testing Prerequisites

This section provides information about test prerequisites and specific setup procedures that you must follow before you test your File System software.

Troubleshooting File System Testing

This section provides overall File System test troubleshooting information.

File System Tests

This section includes documentation for every File System test in the Windows HCK.


For test-specific prerequisites or troubleshooting details, review individual test topics.


For best practices for Windows HCK testing, and tips to avoid common failures, see Troubleshooting the Windows HCK Environment.


The procedures presented in this section outline the process for testing your File System for proper functionality with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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