Digitally sign an .hckx package

HCK Studio supports three package types – one unsigned, two signed. All official submissions to Microsoft must be digitally signed. To create package:

  1. From HCK Studio, open a current project.

  2. Select Package tab, click Create Package and select the appropriate option.

    • Do not sign - To create an unsigned package, for example to send to support for debugging purposes or to later merge with other packages into a single submission package.

    • Use the certificate store. - To create a digitally signed package (most common scenario). This option requires an X509 certificate (i.e. VeriSign certificate) already installed on the computer running HCK Studio. From the Windows Security dialog, select the appropriate Code Signing certificate.

    • Use a certificate file - To create a digitally signed package using a portable security file. This option will ask you for an X509 certificate file (.cer). If you want to use a password protected .pfx file, you must install the file on your system with the password and select the certificate via the certificate store.

View signability results

When you include a driver with your package, HCK checks the signability of the driver. The Signability column in the Drivers Folder list has a green check mark for passing, or a red X mark for failed. To see signability errors and warnings, right-click the driver package folder and select Signability Results.

The Signability of a driver is different from signing a package. Signing a package for an official submission is done to the .hckx package to verify the owner of the package. Signability of a driver checks that the driver content added to the package is acceptable for the submission.



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