Troubleshooting Wireless Router Testing

To troubleshoot issues that occur with Device.Network tests, follow these steps:

  • Review the Troubleshooting Windows HCK topic.

  • Review the Windows HCK release notes for current test issues.

  • For a test failure, look for usable information in the Windows HCK Studio test log. If you find usable information, resolve the issue and rerun the test.

Use the following steps to test the ability of a computer to send higher bit rates over an Ethernet connection:

  1. Setup the hardware as shown below with only Ethernet connection.

  2. Assign the IP address to Machine S (for example:

  3. Assign the IP address to Machine C (for example:

  4. Open a command prompt and run Stats tool on Machine C with following parameters:

    stats.exe –z DISCARD –i 20 –x 50 –y 30 –r 20000000 –c 3600 –l –h -u

  5. Open the MS command prompt and run Stats tool at the Machine S with following parameters:

    stats.exe –d –r 20000000 –c 4200 –l –h -u

  6. Observe the output of steps 4 and Step 5.

Ethernet Troubleshooting

If the output of either step 4 or step 5 shows any failures then your machines cannot make bit rates using wireless adapters.

To manually add a wireless profile, use the following command:

netsh wlan add profile filename=<xmlfilename> i=*

For example, to add the 802_11n_wpa-psk.xml wireless profile:

  1. Click Start, click Run, and enter cmd.exe.

  2. Type netsh wlan add profile filename=802_11n_wpa-psk.xml i=*.

  3. Click OK.


Make sure that Wireless Profile XML file exists in the current directory or specify the full path.


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