LoadGen SC LMS Workaround

This topic describes a workaround to LoadGen SC LMS.

  1. Open HCK Manager.

  2. On the Explorers menu, click Job Explorer.

  3. In Job Explorer, press CTRL+Q to open the query pane, and search for jobs where Name Equals Windows Logo Kit- Prepare client for submission.

  4. In the Results pane, note the Job ID for the matching job.

  5. On the Explorers menu, click Job Monitor.

  6. In Job Monitor, navigate to the machine pool that contains the SUT, MC, and SCs that will be used, and highlight all target machines. Make sure to select all stress clients.

  7. Right-click the machine selection and click Schedule by Job ID.

  8. In the prompt area, enter the Job ID from step 4, and then click OK.

  9. In the Schedule Jobs window, in the Local Parameters pane, set the WdkSubmissionId parameter equal to Client Prepared.

  10. In the toolbar, click Create Schedule.

  11. Wait for the job to run and all of the selected machines to return to the Ready state.



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