Creating a Submission Package

A submission package contains all of the results, logs, and data from a project. A submission package can also contain drivers, symbols, and supplemental material that are required for certification. The submission package can then be accessed through the same set of Certification Manager APIs.

The steps to create a submission package are:

  1. Create an instance of a PackageWriter class and specify the project to use.

  2. Add any necessary driver packages.

  3. Add any supplemental content.

  4. Set a notification callback (if desired) by using the PackageWriter.SetProgressActionHandler() method.

  5. Call the PackageWriter.Save() method, which saves all project and test information and logs to a compressed .wlkx package file. The Save() method also has an override to take an X.509 signing certificate as a parameter.

If you include a driver package, you specify a directory that contains all of the files and/or symbols in the AddDriver() method. Each driver package is associated with one or more targets in a project. From this mapping, Microsoft can identify which operating systems and architectures your driver has been tested against.

Each driver package has a list of locales (available with the ProjectManager.GetLocaleList() method). Every target and locale combination should have only one driver associated with it.



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