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Create a driver only update package

HCK Studio supports driver only updates using the Connect option. This is commonly referred to as the Driver Update Acceptable (DUA) process.

  1. Download a DUA File for the Windows Dev Center Dashboard.

    1. Sign in to the Dashboard with your Microsoft account.

    2. On the Dashboard, Click Manage submissions and then click the submission ID.

    3. Click Download DUA File and click Save.

  2. From HCK Studio, click Connect.

  3. Select Package option, and then click Browse to open the DUA File.

  4. Under Packaging Options, select Driver Update.

  5. Click OK.

  6. On the Package tab, add resource files as needed.

  7. Click Create Package.

    You now have an updated driver only package. Submit the package to the Dashboard for update. For more information on that process, see Dashboard help on Windows Dev Center.



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