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Format method of the MSFT_Volume class

Formats the volume.


UInt32 Format(
  [in]  String  FileSystem,
  [in]  String  FileSystemLabel,
  [in]  UInt32  AllocationUnitSize,
  [in]  Boolean Full,
  [in]  Boolean Force,
  [in]  Boolean Compress,
  [in]  Boolean ShortFileNameSupport,
  [in]  Boolean SetIntegrityStreams,
  [in]  Boolean UseLargeFRS,
  [in]  Boolean DisableHeatGathering,
  [out] String  FormattedVolume,
  [out] String  ExtendedStatus


FileSystem [in]

The file system to apply to the volume. One of the following:

  • "ExFAT"
  • "FAT"
  • "FAT32"
  • "NTFS"
  • "ReFS"
FileSystemLabel [in]

The file system label for the volume.

AllocationUnitSize [in]

The allocation unit size, in bytes.

Full [in]

TRUE for a full format, or FALSE for a quick format.

Force [in]

TRUE to force the format operation; otherwise, FALSE.

Compress [in]

TRUE to compress the volume; otherwise, FALSE. Leave undefined if FileSystem is set to “ReFS”.

ShortFileNameSupport [in]

TRUE if the volume should support short names; otherwise, FALSE. Leave undefined if FileSystem is set to “ReFS”.

SetIntegrityStreams [in]

TRUE to set integrity streams. Leave undefined unless FileSystem is set to “ReFS”.

UseLargeFRS [in]

TRUE to use large FRS; otherwise, FALSE. Leave undefined if FileSystem is set to “ReFS”.

DisableHeatGathering [in]

TRUE to disable heat gathering; otherwise, FALSE.

FormattedVolume [out]

Receives a MSFT_Volume object that represents the formatted volume.

ExtendedStatus [out]

Contains an embedded MSFT_StorageExtendedStatus object.

This parameter allows the storage provider to return extended (implementation-specific) error information.

Return value

Success (0)
Not Supported (1)
Unspecified Error (2)
Timeout (3)
Failed (4)
Invalid Parameter (5)
This command is not supported on x86 running in x64 environment. (7)
Access Denied (40001)
An unexpected I/O error has occured (40004)
The specified object is managed by the Microsoft Failover Clustering component. The disk must be in cluster maintenance mode and the cluster resource status must be online to perform this operation. (40018)
The operation is not allowed on a system or critical partition. (42010)
The specified cluster size is invalid (43000)
The specified file system is not supported (43001)
The volume cannot be quick formatted (43002)
The number of clusters exceeds 32 bits (43003)
The specified UDF version is not supported (43004)
The cluster size must be a multiple of the disk's physical sector size (43005)
Cannot perform the requested operation when the drive is read only (43006)


Minimum supported client

Windows 8 [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only]





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