Submit a mobile broadband device manifest package

Submitting a Mobile Broadband device submission package

You can use the same method to submit packages for preview or release.

Hh801891.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo submit a device manifest package

  1. Sign the devicemanifest-ms package with the SignTool tool.

  2. Sign in to the dashboard from the either the Hardware Development or Desktop Development section of the Windows Dev Center using the Microsoft account associated with the Windows Dev Center Dashboard.

  3. Under Device metadata, click Create experience if you want to submit a new experience, or click Manage experience if you want to modify an existing experience.

  4. Browse for and select your new devicemanifest-ms package, and then click Submit.

For more information about creating a mobile broadband device submission package, see Mobile Broadband Device Submission Packages.



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