The WIA_IPS_PRINTER_ENDORSER_TEXT_DOWNLOAD property is used to report whether the Imprinter/Endorser item supports download text data transfers. The WIA minidriver creates and maintains this property.

Property Type: VT_I4 (Boolean)

Valid Values: WIA_PROP_NONE

Access Rights: Read-only


If the current value of this property is set to a value of True (nonzero), the WIA minidriver supports receiving text data that is uploaded by the application client. The transfer file format is described by the WIA_IPA_FORMAT and WIA_IPA_TYMED properties implemented on the same Imprinter/Endorser item.

This property is required for all Imprinter/Endorser items but it can be implemented to always report a value of 0 (False).



Wiadef.h (include Wiadef.h)



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