The WIA_IPS_PRINTER_ENDORSER_STRING property is used to configure the text to be printed/endorsed. The WIA minidriver creates and maintains this property.

Note  This property replaces WIA_DPS_ENDORSER_STRING, which is now obsolete.

Property Type: VT_BSTR

Valid Values: WIA_PROP_LIST

Access Rights: Read/Write


The text to be printed/endorsed can be represented by one or multiple character strings. Each character string can contain one or more special character formatting sequences described by the WIA_IPS_PRINTER_ENDORSER_VALID_FORMAT_SPECIFIERS property. The character strings must contain only characters specified by WIA_IPS_PRINTER_ENDORSER_VALID_CHARACTERS and must be NULL terminated. When multiple character strings are configured, the WIA minidriver must print/endorse each string on a new page (cycling through the list of strings).

This property is optional for all Imprinter/Endorser data source items.



Wiadef.h (include Wiadef.h)

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