Managing Virtual Functions

Managing Virtual Functions

This section describes the requirements and guidelines for managing the PCI Express (PCIe) Virtual Functions (VFs) on a network adapter that supports single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV).

This section includes the following topics:

Overview of Virtual Function Initialization and Teardown

Allocating Resources for a Virtual Function

Freeing Resources for a Virtual Function

Enumerating Virtual Functions on a Network Adapter

Querying the Parameters of a Virtual Function

Accessing the PCI Configuration Space of a Virtual Function

Setting the Power State of a Virtual Function

Resetting a Virtual Function

For more information on VFs for SR-IOV network adapters, see SR-IOV Virtual Functions (VFs).

Note  Only the PF miniport driver can configure the network adapter's hardware resources, such as the VFs. The VF miniport driver cannot directly access most of the SR-IOV adapter's hardware resources. For more information, see Writing SR-IOV VF Miniport Drivers.



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