Specify AutoPlay Handler and options in the Device Metadata Authoring Wizard

To specify options for your device, including the disconnected state and AutoPlay Handler, click the Options tab.

Disconnected State

To enable the device to be shown in a disconnected state, select Show device in disconnected state.

AutoPlay Handler

An AutoPlay Handler allows a Windows Store app for a device to be listed in AutoPlay options when a device is connected. It doesn't automatically launch an app.

To define an AutoPlay Handler for a device, select from the following options under AutoPlay Handler (Optional).

  • If you don't want to define an AutoPlay Handler, select None.
  • To define an AutoPlay Handler, fill out the following fields under AutoPlay Handler:
    • Package Name
    • Publisher
    • App ID
    • Verb
    • AutoPlay Type
      • From the list, select Device or Content.
  • To define an AutoPlay Handler for a desktop app, fill out the fields under Desktop AutoPlay Handler.
    Note  You can't define both AutoPlay Handler and Desktop AutoPlay Handler.



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