IOCTL_EHSTOR_DRIVER_PERFORM_AUTHZ is sent by the Enhanced Storage Class Driver (EHSTOR) to the silo driver to initiate on-demand authentication or deauthentication.

Input Parameters

The input buffer at Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer must contain an AUTHZ_STATE structure that indicates the type of authentication operation to perform. AUTHZ_STATE is declared in ehstorioctl.h as the following.

typedef struct _AUTHZ_STATE
    ULONG AuthzState;

The value of AuthzState specifies the authentication operation. This is one of the following.

0Perform on-demand deauthentication.
AUTHZSTATE_AUTHENTICATEPerform on-demand authentication.
AUTHZSTATE_CLEAR_AUTHKEY_CACHEPerform on-demand deauthentication and clear cached authentication keys.


Output Parameters


I/O Status Block

STATUS_SUCCESS is returned in the Status field by the silo driver if the authentication state is changed. Otherwise, STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL is returned.


This IOCTL is sent by EHSTOR to a silo driver that supports on-demand authentication. The silo driver notifies EHSTOR of this capability in a prior IOCTL_EHSTOR_DRIVER_REPORT_CAPABILITIES request with the CAP_ON_DEMAND_AUTHENTICATION flag set in the Capabilities member of SILO_DRIVER_CAPABILITES.

In response to this IOCTL, the silo driver performs authentication or deauthentication for the device. For banded devices, the silo driver will, depending on the specified operation in the system buffer, unlock or lock as many bands as possible for reads and writes.

If the silo driver fails to perform the requested operation, it will not change the authentication state of a device.

If the AuthzState member of AUTHZ_STATE is set to AUTHZSTATE_CLEAR_AUTHKEY_CACHE, then the silo driver clears its authentication key cache in addition to deauthenticating. AUTHZSTATE_CLEAR_AUTHKEY_CACHE is set when the system is shutting down or hibernating. This prevents the presence of the key cache in the hibernation file.

If a device supports multiple silos, authentication by each silo is exclusive. An authentication operation by one silo driver does not affect the authentication state set by another silo driver.



Available starting with Windows 8


EhStorIoctl.h (include EhStorIoctl.h)

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