The IOCTL_EHSTOR_BANDMGMT_ERASE_BAND request will cryptographically erase and reset the authentication key of a band. The remaining configuration of the band is left unmodified.

Input Parameters

The input buffer at Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer must contain an ERASE_BAND_PARAMETERS and possibly an AUTH_KEY structure. Parameters.DeviceIoControl.InputBufferLength indicates the size, in bytes, of the buffer, which must be at least sizeof (ERASE_BAND_PARAMETERS) + sizeof(AUTH_KEY).

If the NewAuthKeyOffset member of ERASE_BAND_PARAMETERS is set to EHSTOR_BANDMGR_NO_KEY, the input data in the system buffer need not include an AUTH_KEY structure.

Output Parameters


I/O Status Block

One of the following values can be returned in the Status field.

Status ValueDescription
STATUS_SUCCESSThe band was successfully deleted.
STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUESTThe storage device does not support band management.
STATUS_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZEThe input buffer size is incorrect.
STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETERInformation in the input buffer is invalid.
STATUS_ACCESS_DENIEDThe erase authentication key is not a default key and the band cannot be erased.
STATUS_NOT_FOUNDThe band was not found for the selection criteria provided.
STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERRORCommunication failed. The storage device might be incompatible with security protocols.



A current erase authentication key is not provided in an IOCTL_EHSTOR_BANDMGMT_ERASE_BAND request. The erase authentication key for the storage device is previously configured.

No method is provided in Windows to change the erase authentication key for a storage device. Provided that the correct parameters are given as input in the system buffer, this request should succeed. If the erase authentication key was changed outside of Windows, such as in a dual-boot environment with a different operating system, this request may fail.

When a band is erased with IOCTL_EHSTOR_BANDMGMT_ERASE_BAND, the only prior properties that remain are band start and band size. The previous media encryption key is removed and a new key is generated. Locking is set to PERSISTANT_UNLOCK for both reading and writing. Security metadata previously set is erased. The new authentication key specified in ERASE_BAND_PARAMETERS is set unless use of the default key is indicated.

To prevent other applications from taking control of a band and erase by using the default key, a new authentication key should be included with the IOCTL_EHSTOR_BANDMGMT_ERASE_BAND request.

The changes made to the band table by this request are committed to the device atomically before the IOCTL request completes. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the band is modified with all of its properties set or no properties set at all should a system or power failure occur.



Available starting with Windows 8


EhStorBandMgmt.h (include EhStorBandMgmt.h)

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