New bands are created on a band-managed storage device with the IOCTL_EHSTOR_BANDMGMT_CREATE_BAND request. A new band is added to the table of band entries, which includes band location and security properties.

Input Parameters

The buffer at Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer must contain an CREATE_BAND_PARAMETERS structure followed by the BAND_LOCATION_INFO, BAND_SECURITY_INFO, and AUTH_KEY structures. Parameters.DeviceIoControl.InputBufferLength indicates the size, in bytes, of the buffer, which must be at least sizeof (CREATE_BAND_PARAMETERS) + sizeof(BAND_LOCATION_INFO) + sizeof (BAND_SECURITY_INFO) + sizeof(AUTH_KEY).

If the AuthKeyOffset member of CREATE_BAND_PARAMETERS is set to EHSTOR_BANDMGR_NO_KEY, the input data in the system buffer need not include an AUTH_KEY structure.

Output Parameters

The output buffer at Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer optionally contains a ULONG value for the identifier of the newly created band. Parameters.DeviceIoControl.OutputBufferLength must be at least sizeof(ULONG) to receive the band identifier. If return of the band identifier is not wanted, set Parameters.DeviceIoControl.OutputBufferLength to 0.

I/O Status Block

One of the following values can be returned in the Status field.

Status ValueDescription
STATUS_SUCCESSThe new band was created.
STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUESTThe storage device does not support band management.
STATUS_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZEThe input buffer size is invalid.
STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETERInformation in the input buffer is invalid.
STATUS_CONFLICTING_ADDRESSESThe band was not created due to overlapping locations.
STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCESThe band was not created because the band table is already full.
STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERRORCommunication failed. The storage device might be incompatible with security protocols.



Assigning an authentication key to a newly created band is optional. If no key is provided, where AuthKeyOffset = EHSTOR_BANDMGR_NO_KEY in the CREATE_BAND_PARAMETERS structure, a default authentication key is used. However, this leaves the band vulnerable to another caller who may take control over the band immediately after its creation by changing its authentication key. It is recommended to assign a non-default authentication key to the band at creation time.

The changes made to the band table by this request are committed to the device atomically before the IOCTL request completes. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the band is created with all of its properties set or not created at all should a system or power failure occur.

The location of the new band must not overlap with an existing band or this request will fail with STATUS_CONFLICTING_ADDRESSES.

If the band is unlocked, either the ReadLock or WriteLock members of BAND_SECURITY_INFO are set to FALSE, and CREATEBAND_AUTHKEY_CACHING_ENABLED is set in the Flags member of CREATE_BAND_PARAMETERS, then credential caching is enabled. The authentication silo driver will cache the band authentication key in memory. This allows the silo driver to automatically authenticate host access to the storage device when volume maintenance is required, such as resizing the band.



Available starting with Windows 8


EhStorBandMgmt.h (include EhStorBandMgmt.h)

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