The filter engine calls the vSwitchRuntimeStateSaveNotifyFn (FWPS_VSWITCH_RUNTIME_STATE_SAVE_CALLBACK0) callout function to notify a callout driver about virtual switch run-time state save events.

Note  FWPS_VSWITCH_RUNTIME_STATE_SAVE_CALLBACK0 is a specific version of FWPS_VSWITCH_RUNTIME_STATE_SAVE_CALLBACK. See WFP Version-Independent Names and Targeting Specific Versions of Windows for more information.



NTSTATUS NTAPI vSwitchRuntimeStateSaveNotifyFn(
  _In_opt_       void                                             *notifyContext,
  _In_           void                                             *completionContext,
  _In_           FWPS_VSWITCH_EVENT_TYPE                          eventType,
  _In_     const NDIS_SWITCH_PARAMETERS                           *vSwitch,
  _In_           NDIS_SWITCH_PORT_ID                              portId,
                 _Outptr_result_buffer_(*runtimeStateLength) void **runtimeState,
  _Out_          SIZE_T                                           *runtimeStateLength
{ ... }


notifyContext [in, optional]

A pointer to a context provided by the callout driver. The driver passed this pointer to the notifyContext parameter of the FwpsvSwitchEventsSubscribe0 function. This parameter is optional and can be NULL.

completionContext [in]

A pointer to a completion context provided by the callout driver. This parameter is optional and can be NULL.

eventType [in]

The type of virtual switch event specified as one of the FWPS_VSWITCH_EVENT_TYPE enumeration values. For more information, see Remarks.

vSwitch [in]

A pointer to an NDIS_SWITCH_PARAMETERS structure that contains information about a virtual switch.

Note  The information in the NDIS_SWITCH_PARAMETERS structure reflects the initial state of the virtual switch, not necessarily its current state. In particular, the NumSwitchPorts and IsActive members might still have their initial value of zero, unless a virtual switch PnP event has been triggered. Current state information can be found in the other parameters to this callback function.
portId [in]

The source switch port identifier.


The location of the run-time state output result buffer.

runtimeStateLength [out]

The length, in bytes, of the run-time state information in the run-time state buffer.

Return value

A callout's FWPS_VSWITCH_RUNTIME_STATE_SAVE_CALLBACK0 function returns one of the following NTSTATUS codes.

Return codeDescription

The callout driver accepts the notification from the filter engine.


The operation is pending and will be completed later. The callout driver will call the FwpsvSwitchNotifyComplete0 function to complete the pending operation.

Other status codes

An error occurred.



A callout driver registers a vSwitchRuntimeStateSaveNotifyFn function by calling the FwpsvSwitchEventsSubscribe0 function.

If the vSwitchRuntimeStateSaveNotifyFn callback is registered, the callout will be notified to retrieve a source VM’s run-time state and to restore a target VM’s run-time state during live migration or a local save and restore operation. In the save case, the eventType parameter of vSwitchRuntimeStateSaveNotifyFn is set to FWPS_VSWITCH_EVENT_RUNTIME_STATE_SAVE.

The virtual switch extension protocol driver issues an object identifier (OID) method request of OID_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE during an operation to save run-time data for a virtual switch port. The filter driver returns this data so that run-time data for a virtual switch port can be saved and restored at a later time.

After the run-time data blob from all callouts are collected, WFP fills the NDIS_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE_STATE structure with the harvested data and completes the save state request.

A callout can return STATUS_PENDING from vSwitchRuntimeStateSaveNotifyFn. In this case, WFP will return STATUS_PENDING in the FilterOidRequest handler and will complete it at a later time. The callout driver will call the FwpsvSwitchNotifyComplete0 function to complete the pending operation.

See the vSwitchRuntimeStateRestoreNotifyFn (FWPS_VSWITCH_RUNTIME_STATE_RESTORE_CALLBACK0) function for information about restoring the run-time state.


Target platform

Desktop, introduced version 10.0.10030.0


Available starting with Windows 8.


Fwpsk.h (include Fwpsk.h)



See also

Callout Driver Callout Functions



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