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SpbCx Event Callback Functions

This section describes the event callback functions that are defined by the SPB framework extension (SpbCx). These functions are implemented by your SPB controller driver. SpbCx calls these functions to notify the SPB controller driver of certain events, such as the arrival of an I/O request for a target device on the bus.

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An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbControllerIoOther event callback function handles device I/O control requests that are not handled by other event callback functions or by the SPB framework extension (SpbCx).


An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbControllerIoRead event callback function reads data from the specified target device into the buffers that are supplied with the read request.


An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbControllerIoSequence event callback function performs a sequence of data transfers between the specified target device and the buffers that are supplied with the sequence request.


An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbControllerIoWrite event callback function writes data to the specified target device from the buffers that are supplied with the write request.


An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbControllerLock event callback function locks the SPB controller for accesses of a single target device on the bus.


An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbControllerUnlock event callback function unlocks the SPB controller, which was locked by a previous call to the EvtSpbControllerLock event callback function.


An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbTargetConnect event callback function opens a connection to a target device on the bus.


An SPB controller driver's EvtSpbTargetDisconnect event callback function closes a connection to a target device that was previously opened by a call to the driver's EvtSpbTargetConnect event callback function.




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