SpbCx Driver Support Methods

This section describes the driver support methods that are defined by the SPB framework extension (SpbCx) library. These methods are implemented by the SPB framework extension module, Spbcx.sys, which is an inbox component starting with Windows 8. Your SPB controller driver calls these methods to communicate with SpbCx.

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The SpbControllerSetIoOtherCallback method registers an SPB controller driver's EvtSpbControllerIoOther callback function.


The SpbControllerSetRequestAttributes method sets object attributes that will be used for all SPBREQUEST objects that the SPB framework extension (SpbCx) delivers to the SPB controller driver.


The SpbControllerSetTargetAttributes method sets object attributes that will be used for all SPBTARGET objects that the SPB framework extension (SpbCx) delivers to the SPB controller driver.


The SpbDeviceInitConfig method attaches the SPB framework extension (SpbCx) to the I/O-request chain for a WDFDEVICE (FDO or PDO) object that is to be created.


The SpbDeviceInitialize method completes the initialization of the SPB controller driver after this driver creates the associated device object.

SpbRequestCaptureIoOtherTransferList method

The SpbRequestCaptureIoOtherTransferList method retrieves the SPB_TRANSFER_LIST structure in the input buffer of the custom IOCTL request.


The SpbRequestComplete method completes an I/O request and supplies a completion status.


The SpbRequestGetController method returns the WDFDEVICE handle to the device object for the SPB controller that the specified I/O request was sent to.


The SpbRequestGetParameters method retrieves a set of SPB-specific parameter values from an I/O request.


The SpbRequestGetTarget method retrieves the SPBTARGET handle from the specified I/O request.


The SpbRequestGetTransferParameters method retrieves the transfer parameters for an individual transfer in an I/O transfer sequence.


The SpbTargetGetConnectionParameters method retrieves the connection parameters for a target device on the bus.


The SpbTargetGetFileObject method accepts, as an input parameter, an SPBTARGET handle to an open target device, and returns a WDFFILEOBJECT handle to this target.


All SpbCx DDI methods that can return status codes return NTSTATUS values.

The methods in the SpbCx DDI are defined in the Spbcx.h header file.



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